L3 firewall rules finally available - ***happy***

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L3 firewall rules finally available - ***happy***

As of today with iOS app version 2.91.0

Well done Dev Team!




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Good to know but....


not available on android app 2.90.0 or on the web app ☹️

Getting noticed

Ehhh - in my web app I have it available:





Maybe you check again?

Go to Hardware - take your GX - and click Settings upper right corner

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Found it, thanks


But they just added that, now I see there are 2 NEW features available


Still missing on Android 

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Is there anything useful that can be done with this ?


for example…can you setup a rule to allow all wan outbound internet traffic to go out a specified physical port other than your default internet port?



depends on what you call useful?


You can block all outgoing internet traffic for a vlan, you can block vlan to vlan traffic or limit a vlan to access only certain parts of another vlan.


In my opinion, it is useful to have a level 3 firewall on a device.

Came across this



For those looking for a list of ports to block, the SANS Institute recommends at least blocking outbound traffic using the following ports:

  • MS RPC TCP, UDP Port 135
  • NetBIOS/IP TCP, UDP Port 137-139
  • SMB/IP TCP Port 445
  • Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) UDP Port 69
  • System log UDP Port 514
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) UDP Port 161-162
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) TCP Port 6660-6669



New here

Are L3 firewall rules available on the GX20 or only the GX50? I have a GX20, I see the L3 Firewall Rules setting, but after I create a new rule it disappears. It does not show up in the list (empty) when I go back in, and is not being executed by the router. Using the iOS app. 


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hi @abbraaa 


You should be able to set firewall-rules on a GX20.


Try to set the rules on web.meraki-go.com, if the rules are still not working open a support ticket.


After setting up the firewall-rules, you'll need to restart the GX20. More info can be found here: VLAN communicaton setup - The Meraki Community



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