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Instability with Sky Q in UK

Comes here often

Instability with Sky Q in UK

Hi All,


Wanted to see if anyone else has used these units in a consumer environment where SkyQ is in place.


We are seeing stability issues with the AP and its connectivity/maintenance of wireless connections.


SkyQ uses wireless to beam the transmission from the main device to 'slave' boxes.

These slave boxes seem to lose connection to the main box on a nightly basis and are a nightmare to get back together again.


ANyone else seen this?





Meraki Go Team Lee
Meraki Go Team

Re: Instability with Sky Q in UK

Hi Russell,


Have you opened a support ticket so the team can look at see what might be going on? You can do this from within the Meraki Go app. 



Comes here often

Re: Instability with Sky Q in UK

Thanks Lee,


Already done that - no reply yet

Meraki Go Team Lee
Meraki Go Team

Re: Instability with Sky Q in UK

I'll follow up and get back to you

Comes here often

Re: Instability with Sky Q in UK

Ok, so an update here.


The issue seems almost certain to be an issue with the Meraki Go AP itself.


The Sky Q boxes are designed to transmit on both 2.4 and 5Ghz, although it seems they prefer 2.4Ghz on first bonding.


With the GR10 hosting the SSID, the sky box connects, then after approximately 5-7 minutes the SkyQ boxes disconnect, claiming they cannot connect to the network.

The only way to re-establish is to wipe and reconfigure the boxes and rejoin the SSID with the password.

After a further 5-7 minutes the Sky Q boxes lose their connection again.


This clearly suggests the Sky Q box performs some action that causes it to become disconnected from the GR10.


Host the same SSID (and same password) on a Cisco SMB (RV Series) Router/FW/AP, same IP range, same VLAN and the connection remain stable and doesn't drop.


GR10 is on Channel 11 & 44 but the RV is running 6 & 36 


All other devices are super stable on the GR10 (iphones, microsoft devices etc...) it is just Sky Q boxes.


Without the capacity of the Meraki enterprise devices to perform packet capture, manually adjust channels etc... can't diagnose further. 



New here

Re: Instability with Sky Q in UK

I have issues with a Sky Q box staying connected to an MR32/M34 (I have one of each but issue is present on both). 


No issues when using the cheapo Sky AP. 


I was previously having issues with a firestick even seeing an SSID on M34. Worked fine on MR32 though. 


My issue isn’t as predictable as yours though. Most of the time it works, others it needs joining to the SSID from scratch whereas other devices are fine.