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IP range different than rest of the network


IP range different than rest of the network



is there a reason why clients connected to meraki GO AP's get put in another IP-range than the network?

I would understand this if the network is configured as a guest network when isolating clients, but not in a regular wifi network.


In this case the clients get a address, while the main network is configured to hand out addresses.


Im I'm doing something wrong?


Kind regards,


Meraki Go Team

Re: IP range different than rest of the network

Hey Steven!


Meraki Go APs should only give out IP addresses in the 10.x.x.x space if the SSID is configured as a Guest network;

Otherwise the AP should be bridging your client to the local wired network to provide it the same addressing being served by your upstream device.


If you don't recognize the 10.20.73.x address from anywhere else in your network and if there is no current SSID configured as a Guest network, please create a case with us via the app so we can help you track down who is serving this address range.