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Force from Mesh to Gateway


Force from Mesh to Gateway



I have an installation with 3 AP's. They are all connected to the same 1Gbps PoE switch.

For some reason only one AP works as a gateway. The other devices work meshed.

My understanding of "meshed" is that they connect over wifi with each other, hence degrading the connection?


Is there a way to force AP's in Gateway-mode so they take advantage of their 1Gbps line?


Thanks for your reply.


Kind regards,


Meraki Go Team

Re: Force from Mesh to Gateway

Hey Steven!


Meraki Go APs will default to Gateway-mode, but they'll come online as repeaters for one of two reasons;

Either the physical connection is currently failing between the AP and its connected switch port, or the AP has been unable to obtain an IP address to reach the Internet through its upstream device and reverts to a mesh connection.


Please feel free to create a case with us via the app if you have trouble locating a solution to bringing your APs online with the physical connection.