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Hardware setup questions

Hi there,

i have bought Meraki go wifi6 outdoor acces point from Amazon.de (still waiting to be delivered). I have the following setup in my house. Innbox fiber optics router/modem -> RATtrap firewall -> Asus wifi router -> Fingbox connected to asus wifi router for wifi monitoring. The question is can i connect Meraki go wifi 6 ap to asus wifi router trough its lan port. 

There is one desktop pc connected to asus router and several wifi devices. 

I would like to keep RATtrap firewall in my setup and i wonder if meraki can be connected in my setup successfuly. 

I do not want to further invest in other belonging meraki hardware.  

Would this setup work? If not i will have it returned to amazon.

Many thanks!


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hi @DIGmore 

You can add the Meraki Go access-point trough its lan port. That might be the only way, how to add the access point to your network.

I don't see a problem with the firewall. So you should be fine with that.

I know you can use different hardware on the same wifi-network, like extender, access-point and such. I'm just not sure how smooth it will run.


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