GX50 with AP's Max client

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GX50 with AP's Max client

Hello. I want to deploy Meraki Go for a small bar. They do not have many people connect to their WiFi. It is not that kind of place. However, there will be 24 cameras that need to be connected to the network with POE network switches. They will be distributed throughout 4 floors. I know, this sound big but its not. I have planned for 1 AP in the basement, 1 AP on the first floor, 2 AP's on the second and 1 on the Third floor. 


Each floor 1-2-3 will have a network switch and wired back to the basement router. Can this network really only handle 50 Clients? By the time the 24 cameras are connected, 1 NVR , 5 hardwired POS and 5 wireless POS it leave very little for expansion.


But when I read the description on the AP's it says 50 clients per AP.  

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it does nt sound like your cameras record to the cloud..sounds like the record to a LAN device.   are you going to use a switch as your backplane device  vs using the GX-50 as the back plane device.  I wouldnt use the GX-50 as a backplane device for internal LAN video traffic between cameras and a recorder.  


gx-50 for internet traffic

1 switch as the backplane device

1 switch per floor to recieve camera ethernet connections

APs for wireless clinets.  can be connected to the floor switch or the backplane switch or both depending on layout.



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