GX50 upload speed low

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GX50 upload speed low

Hi- I notice the upload speed to be low with my new GX50 compared to when I used google nest wifi. I have a fiber Fios 1G connection and was able to achieve 900 download and 700 upload. 

Now with my GX50 I get 650 download and 75 upload. I understand the download is less than before because the GX50 has a firewall but I would expect the upload to be closer to 500M. 


Any idea on how to improve the upload?

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might be worth raising a support case too get an official track. I have seen similar issues with throughput from APs connected through GX50


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So i did some testing and i get 850M/650M connecting to the GX50 directly, so the issue look to be due to the APs. I have the latest wifi 6 so i would have expected better speed. 


I haven’t raised a ticket yet but was curious if anyone else is seeing similar behavior.

have you checked the Ethernet connection & link speed of the AP - I have found some odd behaviour with auto negotiation. If its a Meraki switch, seems to connect correctly, any other vendor is random. The Outdoor AP only seems to connect at 100Mbps regardless of switch vendor.


Throughput is generally poor for APs 

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All connections are Cat6 and using Meraki go switches GS110-8P. The APs are powered via POE. 

i ended up getting rid off my GX50 and replaced it with a Firewalla gold which has been wonderful. The throughput on the GX50 is just not good enough and I didn’t find it stable (plus issues every week with software being “out of day”).

strongly recommend the Firewalla if you want a true firewall with proper load balancing and more controls on rules and such.

the rest of my system is Meraki go APs and switches and it works great.   

sounds like a good plan

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I'm am super happy to see your issue is resolved. I did want to post this point from the data sheet for anyone else that may run across this post in the future.


Mike one quick question.. How were you testing your speeds?

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