GX20 is not connected to the Internet

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GX20 is not connected to the Internet

Connected the modem to the GX20.
The GX20 port is using Internet 1.
However, the GX20 cannot connect to the Internet. After the lamp glows in rainbow colors, it returns to orange.
What should I do next to get the GX20 connected to the Internet?

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Its sounds like the GX20 is not pulling the Public IP from the ISP.


Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hey @sujicovo I agree with @Price-Networks 


You can gain more insight by connecting a laptop or computer to the GX20 LAN ports, and navigating to wired.meraki.com in your browser - this should pull up the local status page where any errors can be read off as needed.


Hopefully this helps you or anyone else in the future trying to gain insight to my device won't come online type of problems.

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