GX 20 Client List


GX 20 Client List

Hello, new to the product/forums.  I have searched other topics and haven't found my answer.  What triggers my devices to show at Hardware > Unique Devices?  I have 4 Unique Devices connected and would like to reserve IP's via 'select from list' but my list never populates.  Was wondering if anyone else has seen this before and could suggest a workaround or if this is a current feature 

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I'm expecting a full 'client' list of devices that have received an IP from the Security Gateway

Meraki go app

network icon 


     for physically attached devices 

          pick physical network name

           pick reserve IP addresses at the lower left 

           select  the + sign at device IP address reservations

            pick select from list

             select the device

             enter the IP address you wish to reserve for the device

              pick save


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