GR60 LAN connection

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GR60 LAN connection



I am noticing the GR60 outdoor connects at 100Mbps - even when deriving POE from a GS110-8POE switch. Indoor APs are connecting at 1Gbps but GR60s on the same switch only connect at 100Mbps. If I force an interface to connect at 1Gbps the GR60 remains offline! 


On 3rd party switches I am seeing the same, even upon basic L2 switches I am seeing amber lights indicating 100Mbps or less, yet indoor AP is green indicating 1Gbps.


Anybody else seen this issue?



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What type of cables are you using?


lan cables have a different rating.


get gab rated cables and use shortest runs possible.  Stay clear of power supplies.


report back.



Raised case to Cisco in the end. 


Cables are Cat6 and connected to GS110

Cable run is nowhere near electrical supplies and had checked all of that previously. 


Removed AP, to test locally on the GS110 and still got only 100Mbps. Attempted "Force" link speed to 1Gbps, AP would simply not connect at Gig. 


Cisco suggested local session to AP, but that was auto and simply put refused to connect at anything other than 100Mbps. 


Awaiting arrival of a new outdoor AP and will replace.


thanks for your help.

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