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rail mounting kit

looking for a rail mounting kit for use with an MS420

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Meraki Employee

The MS420 always did come with a rack mount rail kit for standard 19" 1U racks, included by default with the switch.  Unfortunately I do not believe there was a separate SKU to order spare rack mount kits.  And they might be hard to come by now as MS420 is End-of-Sale.  Worst case, might have to buy a cheap rack-mount shelf.

thanks merakidave, however i was looking to see if anyone has a set they want to sell, or if there's a compatible third-party option. 

Is there a matrix that lists current EoL/EoS products?

Yes @Shavelieva go to the Meraki home page, click on Support and then click on Policies.


Hope that helps!


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I was able to call Meraki and get a replacement as long as I had a valid license. Have you tried calling Meraki 4159376671? What did they say? They may have SKU to purchase the proper model now as well. 

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