eCMNA certification

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eCMNA certification

I was not able to complete eCMNA certification assessment and now its stuck, is there any way i can start over or re-register for this.

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Hi @llawania,

I understand CMNA Training and Certification is arranged on a regular basis and we can certainly reapply.

We need approval from the Meraki Sales for the same.

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Where is the difference between the CMNA and eCMNA?

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Going to attend a CMNA training day in a few weeks and would like to get an idea of what to expect from the hands on labs. I understand that I have to complete some labs during the session on the MX, MR, and MS in order to "pass" and receive the free gear.

I've just started studying for my CCNA so would ideally like to spend some time prepping for this to ensure I'm not caught off guard during the labs.

Any advice and or descriptions of the lab activities would be greatly appreciated.

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