Refresh course / Revew 3 year Lab license

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Refresh course / Revew 3 year Lab license



First I'm really sorry but this is almost certainly been answered probably a million times but my search powers are failing me. What is the best way to acquire a new 3 year license for the standard equipment provided as part of the original Meraki training? I still enjoy this setup and often build scenarios at home for customers but (I've just realized) the license is running out soon. Original equipment currently working well is: -




Wireless AP


Thanks again.

Kind Regards Nigel (21 years of CCIE and still loving it).

Kind of a big deal

Review this thread here, should help you out 😃
Nolan Herring |

Many thanks for the quick response. The link that you sent is more around not wanting to use the equipment (which is the way I read it) however I'm keen to continue to use it as its easy for me to recommend and then set up customer scenarios (one of my customer has many thousands). I was hoping that there was someway of attending a webinar or something to refresh / update knowledge and thus be re-licensed? Is this not the case? I'm a trusted advisor to these businesses and would love to continue to build the scenarios (with nice screen shots) and continue to help avoid cheaper wifi solutions that they keep thinking about... any ideas?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

go to merakipartners site and look for cmna refresh at training

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