Promo Gear MX - CMNA


Promo Gear MX - CMNA

Hi all,
I did the CMNA one year ago ( in Aug 2021), 
and I didn't receive my promo gear yet (MX firewall).
Is someone facing the same problema? I already talked with meraki team via email, and in the last e-mail they said it would be delivered in the first week of July (last month).
I email to them again but no answer.
Thanks in advance.
Tiago Félix


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I haven't gotten any gear yet either, since 2/2022.  I just e-mailed the certifications e-mail as well, hoping to hear back.

They answer me. It will be delivered in Oct middle.
I hope that this date works now.

Did you get it yet?

a month ago

Hey guys,


Just to let you know my story,

I passed my CMNA on April 2022 and I got my gear on August 2022 (I had to send a mail to de certification mailer to get an update),


You should wait the standard 12 weeks delivery time, and then you can ask to for update on your package,

Hope it helps,




Just let you know that I've received the MX promo in Oct 2022.
It was a little late, but I got it. 
Thanks all.

Tiago Felix

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