Meraki Chatbot WebEx - API testing

Kind of a big deal

Meraki Chatbot WebEx - API testing

Hey all,


been on the no code Webinar yesterday:


And learned some new stuff, thanks for the Webinar.

One thing I would like to share which I did not know before and think is a cool tool:


The Meraki Chatbot in Cisco WebEx, where you can set up a testing organisation and can test API, without using your own Org.



This automation demo is a very easy way for you to experience the power and ease of the Meraki Dashboard API, using a fully-hosted service that interacts with Cisco Webex Teams. You can interact with a sample deployment by provisioning a brand new dashboard organization, multiple sites with devices, and wireless network configuration. No software needs to be installed except a browser and the Webex Teams app, so you can run this demo even on a mobile device. See the 2-minute example video on how the whole demo works.


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