May the fourth be with you!

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May the fourth be with you!

Happy May the 4th Meraki community!

The clock has ticked over here in Australia and the nerdy festivities have begun.


As I sit here at my desk, dressed in my favourite Wookiee costume, I'm pondering how the Star Wars universe could have benefited from Meraki solutions.


So community, my question to you is this:


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.42.27.png





Meraki Employee

Easy to deploy and secure connection - Bring your MX and you will be securely and automatically connected to the rebel headquarter no matter your location in the cosmos.  

Whichever backwater planet your rebel hide-out is on, with auto-VPN you know that you can alway get secure access into the Rebel HQ without the Empire sniffing your traffic!

Kind of a big deal

Some intel from security cameras might have been handy.

Kind of a big deal

The rebel alliance should send a Cisco enterprise sales team to visit the Empire.  The deployment would keep them distracted for years.

Head in the Cloud

With Cloud based management you don't have to worry about the Death Star blowing up your Wireless controllers and taking down your WiFi to stream your favorite Cantina Band songs.

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A model citizen

  • Live Feeds from the cameras
  • Meraki dashboard showing bases being destroyed (networks going offline) thereby showing you where attacks are occurring. You know roughly how close they are to an existing base and therefore can up defenses.
  • Quickly able to down VPN tunnels: just because the Empire has access to a computer at a base, doesn't mean they'll have access to the whole Alliance network.
  • Ability to quickly remove network from organization and losing all data associated with it (annoying for us corporate users, but HIGHLY effective in the event credentials got hacked... Spies are everywhere)
  • Ability to quickly assign a group policy on a computer. Stormtrooper policy:deny all


Just a couple to ideas at 6:20 in the morning 🙂

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Meraki Employee

As the Enterprise Account Manager assigned to the Empire, I take a different view here. I had been trying to get the Empire to adopt Meraki like technologies for years, with no success, and it ultimate led to their downfall. Here is why:


Cloud Controlled Everything:

- If the Empire could monitor Storm Trooper suits, like we monitor clients with the Meraki Dashboard, there is no way that Han Solo could have stolen one of our suits and impersonated our guards. A remote wipe of these devices would also have proven useful here.

- Just as we set port security schedules and SSID advertisement, we could easily set security schedules within our facilities to prevent those pesky rebels snooping around unmanned areas.


Advanced Security:

- Those rebels are constantly trying to gain access to systems so comprehensive Geo-based firewall rules, IPS/IDS and AMP are crucial in keeping our digital systems healthy.



- The Empire did not guarantee 99.99% uptime with redundant control planes around the universe. This is a must have for any Empire Class organization!


The Fatal Flaw:

- Making your factory reset 2 meters wide (about the size of a Womp rat) is ridiculous! I advise factory reset buttons to be no bigger than a standard paperclip. Try hitting that Skywalker!


Just my 2 cents.

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