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I've recently bought a new laptop, a Chromebook to be exact, and as some of you may know Chromebooks do not support third party drivers. This has caused me a bit of a headache as I'm depentent on being able to print documents. My question for you is simple; are there any restrictions in the Cisco Meraki system which makes the printer unable to speak with Google Cloud? The equipment we've installed is simply an MX64W firewall. Every port is open, there are no layer 7 settings, no forwarding, no NAT-ing. Not as much as a VLAN. Any help with be appreciated. The printer itself has a static IP assigned.

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We use Google CloudPrint everyday on a full Meraki stack - no issues.

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Kind of a big deal

I do not use Google Cloud Print, but I can confirm that Chromecast functions correctly, as long as devices are on the same VLAN.


You may like to try turning on Bonjour support, there is an outside chance that this will allow everything to function properly.


Helpful information about ports etc - here

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

We use Google CloudPrint everyday on a full Meraki stack - no issues.

I've suspected this isn't a network issue at all, and you pretty much confirm what I was thinking. I think the problem is the printers implementation of Google Cloudprint, unfortunately. 

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