ECMS1 Feedback

Kind of a big deal

ECMS1 Feedback

I had two of my staff attend the new ECMS1 training last week, the feedback wasn't good though. Now I love Meraki, the whokle concept and the products which is why its hard for me to keep criticizing the training but its as though they haven't listened to what the end users want.


Here are some different points my staff passed onto me.



1. Felt like a sales pitch 


2. They were provided with a "cheat sheet" as the instructor called it. 


3. There is no pass or fail, simply participation, sounds a bit to PC and snowflakish to me.




From what I understand these courses are available to anyone and I think that is where the problem lies, the course is tailored to include users who have never even touched Meraki gear.


I understand there is a more serious ECMS2 course however would we not be better off having more in depth training right from the start and the requirement is you are an admin for at least 1 organisation? That would filter out any window shoppers and those just looking for a free course to add to their CV.
Head in the Cloud

I guess its going to depend on your audience. 


One of my team sat CMNO / ECMS1 and found it helpful, but they were coming into the area without a background using Meraki. 


I can see they are moving in the right direction with training, ECMS2 and the next certification they mentioned following that. With these things i'm sure it takes time to implement on a global scale. 


I agree we need more training and more high end training options. But I think they are coming. Well I hope they are!

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