Documentation Digest: October 25th - December 2nd

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: October 25th - December 2nd




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between October 25th and December 2nd:


Cisco Meraki Canada Region

Change: New Article.


Hybrid Campus LAN Design Guide (CVD)

Change: New Article.


Meraki Display Public Beta

Change: New Article.


AnyConnect on the MX Appliance

Change: Added statement about Session Timeout and non-support for cellular uplink.


vMX NAT Mode Use Cases and FAQ

Change: Added note, not to modify the subnets section at "Addressing & VLANs", as this will break vMX routing.


VPN Full-Tunnel Exclusion (Application and IP/URL Based Local Internet Breakout)

Change: Added note about flow decision for VPN exclusion, if DNS TTL expires.


Connection Monitoring for WAN Failover

Change: Added note about minimum firmware support for Enhanced WAN Failover and Failback and non-support for template bound networks.


MX Routing Behavior

Change: Added note, that MX cannot route between two Non-Meraki VPN peers.


MX67 and MX68 Datasheet

Change: Added FAQ, that LTE can be utilized in Warm Spare configuration.


IP Source Address Spoofing Protection

Change: Added statement, that the top 3 offending clients are logged on dashboard event log every 30 minutes.


Port Forwarding and NAT Rules on the MX

Change: Merged 1:1 NAT into this KB.


Upstream Firewall Rules for Cloud Connectivity

Change: Added section about firewall rules for Content Filtering using Talos with MX 17+.


Content Filtering

Change: Added note to enable Traffic Analysis for Content Filtering to function.


Audio Recording

Change: Added newer camera models.


MT Troubleshooting Guide

Change: Added Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2) MRs as supported gateway.


MT Frequently Asked Questions

MT12 Installation Guide - Water Detection

Change: Added note, that a leak detection cable for MT 12 is sold separately.


Storm Control for MS

Change: Added note about Storm Control visibility in UI. Also applies to template and bound Switch profiles.


MS Installation Guides

Change: Added note about the presence or absences of Stacking Cables.


MS Warm Spare (VRRP) Overview

Change: Added note that MS390 currently does not support Warm Spare.


MS Switch Access Policies (802.1X)

Change: Added note to disable "Increase Access Speed" when CWA with ISE is used.


General MS Best Practices

Change: Added note that changes made to L3 interfaces of MS Switches in Warm Spare may cause VRRP Transitions.


SES-imagotag Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Integration with MRs

Change: Updated the list of supported models and edited supported mode of operation - only token-based (JWT) connection.


Configuring WPA2-Enterprise with Google Auth

Change: Added note, that Google has discontinued "Access to less secure apps".


Wireless (MR) Firmware Features Directory

Change: Added Hanshow and SoluM ESL USB Gateway Support


Deploying Store Apps for iOS/macOS and Android

Change: Added sections on how to deploy websites to devices as apps.


Bypassing Server Certificate Validation for Troubleshooting

Change: Added section for Windows 10 / 11.


Chrome OS Enrollment

Change: General update with correct click paths and newer screenshots.


SM Enrollment Authentication

Change: Added note about Azure AD enrollment option.


Meraki and MAC Address Randomization

Change: Added section about Android MAC Randomization.


Installing Custom Apps on Windows and Mac Devices

Change: Added statement, that "Upload to the Meraki Cloud" is the only valid solution for installing custom apps.

Alerts and Notifications

Change: Added note that the "Clients connect or disconnect from the LAN" is not available, if Client Tracking is set to "IP address".


Meraki Device-to-Cloud Connectivity - FIPS

Change: Added new IP ranges and new certification document for MR 29.x.


Using the Organization Inventory

Change: Updated to include steps for both Co-Term and PDL.


Managing Multiple Networks with Configuration Templates

Change: Added sections on how to change single product networks / templates to combined networks / templates.


Creating a Layer 7 Firewall Rule

Change: "Blocking specific applications not listed under Layer 7 firewall rules" has been merged into this KB.


Summary Report Overview

Change: Added section about Ethernet Power Details.

Returns (RMAs), Warranties and End-of-Life Information

Change: Added note about the difference of warranty and license, as well as edited the RMA process in general.


Meraki Free Trials

Change: Added a few questions to FAQ section.

New here

Hey guys,

I have a problem with the licensing of my organization, what happens is that it is giving a message as if my licensing is wrong, but when I look at the table of licenses that I have and what I am using, everything seems to be normal, I can't see where it is the problem. Has anyone ever experienced this?





Did you check on the Meraki Dashboard? What does it show?

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