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Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between Nov 5th - Nov 24th:


Meraki Insight Introduction

Change: Updated with 7 and 10 yr license support


Configuring Camera FOVs on a Floor Plan

Change: New content


MV Object Detection

Change: Added Vehicle Detection


Best Practices in Viewing MV Video

Change: Added new feature – motion events in the timeline.


Motion Alerts

Change: Added "only alert on people-based motion events" feature.


Content Filtering

Change: Added a note explaining that IP addresses can be added into blocked/whitelisted URL pattern fields and how they are examined.


Using the Ping Live Tool

Change: Explained what interface MX IP use as the source when a ping is sent with the ping tool.


Product End-of-Life (EoL) Policies

Change: Added MX65


Summary Report Overview

Change: Corrected the "Number of sessions over time" section to state that this view is only available when filtering for "All SSIDs", and not for individual SSIDs.


MG21/21E Datasheet

Change: New article


MG Troubleshooting

Change: New article


MS390 Series Installation Guide

Change: New article


MS390 Datasheet

Change: New article


Wireless Health

Change: Added detailed breakdown of 802.1X failure reason fields under "Authentication issues" 


Templates for Switching Best Practices

Change: Added note mentioning that STP bridge priority cannot be changed on switch stacks using templates.


Configuring the Default Block Message

Change: Explain the block message differences for MX-only networks.


RF Profiles

Change: Removed note stating that default profiles cannot be modified.


Creating and Applying Group Policies

Change: Added note stating that comma separated ports are not possible in Group Policies.


Introduction to Cellular

Change: New article


Receive Start of Packet (RX-SOP) Update

Change: Article overhaul/re-write


MR45 and MR55 Overview and Specifications

Change: Added note stating the MR45/55 does not support low power mode.


Understanding Image Quality on the MV32

Change: New article


Trusted Access for Secure Wireless Connectivity

Change: New article


Custom Network Enrollment Strings

Change: New article


SSID Tunneling and Layer 3 Roaming - VPN Concentration Configuration Guide

Change: Added a section "How SSID Tunneling Works"




Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

You've been busy! 

Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

The first link takes me to an okta login screen. 

A model citizen

Re: Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

Same here, still in internal preview mode? 🙂

Meraki Employee

Re: Documentation Digest: Nov 5th - Nov 24th

Sorry everyone, that first option was a mistaken inclusion. Not ready for wide release yet.


It's been removed.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
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