Documentation Digest: June 3rd - June 16th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: June 3rd - June 16th




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between June 3rd and June 16th:


Cisco+ Secure Connect - Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cisco+ Secure Connect - Defining Private Applications

Change: Added note about Public Application Discovery being available through the Early Access Page.


Cloud Monitoring Overview and FAQ

Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst Onboarding

Change: Added support for IOS-XE 17.9.3.


Client VPN Overview

Change: Added note that Dashboard Administrators will automatically populate as Client VPN users.


Site-to-Site VPN Settings

Change: Added note about Default Routing behavior for subnets that have "In VPN" or VPN mode enabled / disabled.


Primary Uplink Status and Ethernet Port Carrier Change Events

Change: Added note that Ethernet ports may be referenced with the 'port' format as well as the 'lan' format.


Port Forwarding and NAT Rules on the MX

Change: Added description on the behavior of outgoing NAT address if 1:1 or 1:Many NAT is being used.


Layer 3 and 7 Firewall Processing Order

Change: Added note that MX VLAN interfaces, themselves, are not considered in Allow or Deny rules.


Adaptive Policy and Cisco ISE

Change: Added native sync between ISE and Meraki starting with ISE version 3.2 patch 1 and the switche's attempt to assign an SGT tag, if the RADIUS doesn't respond with a tag.


Dynamic ARP Inspection

Change: Added note that DAI will block static IP Addresses configured directly on devices. This is expected behavior as this is tracked with DHCP Tracker.


Configuring ACLs

Change: Added section "Monitoring ACLs".


Using the Cable Test Live tool

Change: Added note that use of this test can disrupt traffic on 10 or 100 Mbps links - gigabit links will not be affected.


IPSK Authentication without RADIUS

Change: Added note that it might be necessary to reboot your APs to clear Group Policies inherited from respective iPSKs after changing the SSID authentication type from iPSK without RADIUS to a different authentication method.


IPSK with RADIUS Authentication

Change: Added section "Microsoft NPS Configuration".


Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)

Change: Added note that DFS events can cause an Access Point to use a channel, temporarily, even though that channel has been excluded from use in the Dashboard. Please contact Support, if this behavior should prove problematic.


MV Smart Camera FAQ

Change: Added additional question "Does my SSL certificates renew automatically?"


MT40 Datasheet - Smart Power Controller

Change: Added Power Consumption.


MDM Settings

Change: Added note on how to renew your Self Signed SCEP CA Certificate.


Best Practices for Meraki Firmware

Change: Added note about Major, Minor and Point Releases for MX Firmware.


Alerts and Notifications

Change: Added note that SAML users cannot receive alerts.


Meraki Per-Device Licensing - Configuration

Change: Added note that when a device with an associated license is moved back into the Organization Inventory, the license becomes unassigned and can be reused for a different device.


Using the Cisco Meraki Device Local Status Page

Change: Added note that Meraki device react on specific URLs to access the LSP. Therefore, UDP port 53 is enabled on Meraki devices and will be detected as open by any scanning tool.


MX100 Scheduled Firmware Upgrade Cancellation - 4/27/2023

Change: Updating firmware versions with the fix for the issue.

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