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Documentation Digest: June 30th - August 3rd

Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: June 30th - August 3rd



Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between June 30th and August 3rd:


Managing Firmware Upgrades

Change: Section added for new firmware status UI.


Product Firmware Version Restrictions

Change: Added note to reference 2020 certificate firmware requirements.


RADIUS Failover and Retry Details

Change: Added image and explanation on load balancing.


Meraki Licensing FAQs

Change: Added note that switches have enterprise and advanced licensing.


MI VoIP Health

Change: ICMP probes occurs every second to the endpoint.


Syslog Server Overview and Configuration

Change: Changed source from INET 1 port to IP of highest VLAN.


Configuring WPA2-Enterprise with Google Auth

Change: Added link for app-specific passwords.


Switch ACL Operation

Change: Corrected VLAN field function.


Alerts and Notifications

Change: Added section explaining which alerts are rate limited. 


Meraki Device Reporting - Syslog, SNMP and API

Change: Added section explaining which alerts are rate limited. 


Meraki Free Trials

Change: Added note that in PDL the original trial link is needed to return a trial.


MX Routing Behavior

Change: Clarified behavior of management traffic.


Network Objects Configuration Guide

Change: New article


Meraki Per-Device Licensing Overview

Change: Added a note that 1-day licenses should not be used to extend the overall license expiration date due to a limit of how many can be applied.


Cisco Emergency Responder Integration

Change: Added CER cross link to verify support.


Hardware Replacement due to Security Certificate Expiration 2020

Change: New article


Systems Manager Sentry Overview

Change: Added a line "Sentry policies are not supported for devices connected via Client VPN."


Meraki Authentication Server Certificate Rotation - Aug 2020

Change: New article


Wind Rating of Cisco Meraki Access Points

Change: Updated with AP models


Returns (RMAs), Warranties and End-of-Life Information

Change: Added best practices for organization which has read admins which need to submit RMAs.


Configuring SAML Single Sign-on for Dashboard

Change: Added note stating that cert can be SHA1 or SHA256.


Systems Manager Sentry Enrollment

Change: Removed the section that describes Sentry Splash as an access control mechanism.


Analyzing Wireless Packet Captures

Change: New article


Network Topology

Change: Added note stating that topology may take up to 30 days to accurately depict nodes.


Switch Stacks

Change: Added more specific instructions for physical stacking orientation.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Change: Renamed BLE to IoT Radio.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: June 30th - August 3rd

Network object documentation? Is it finally happening? 😳

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