Documentation Digest: February 2nd - February 23rd

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: February 2nd - February 23rd



New articles:

MultiWAN Backup Uplink

Change: New article.


Catalyst 9300L-M Datasheet

Catalyst 9300X-M Datasheet

Change: New articles.

MV13 Datasheet

MV13 Installation Guide

MV33 Datasheet

MV33 Installation Guide

Change: New articles.


Vision Portal: Attribute Search

Change: New article.


Assurance Left Navigation

Change: New article.


Enhanced Topology

Change: New article.



Meraki MX ThousandEyes Configuration Guide

Change: Added information about Meraki and ThousandEyes region linkage.


Security and SD-WAN (MX,Z) Features Directory

Change: Added note that MX75, MX85, MX95, MX105, MX250, and MX450 will have a performance boost (up to 3x with no additional cost) enabled by default in MX 18.2 and above firmware release; added "AnyConnect Enhancements".


SSID Tunneling and Layer 3 Roaming - VPN Concentration Configuration Guide

Change: In case the MX is used as VPN concentrator it is recommended that the MX is not configured for NAT. However, an exception is made for virtual MX (vMX) devices in cloud environments where broadcast traffic limitations can impact network functions. In such cases, deploying vMX in Routed mode is recommended.



Catalyst 9300/X/L-M Series Installation Guide

Change: Added C9300L/X-M models; added note that the included video will link to a MS390 but the steps and information are the same for the C9300-M; added differentiation between soft and factory reset.


Switch Stacks

Change: Added C9300/L/X-M models; added note "If the Active stack member is replaced there will be a short loss in connectivity when it is powered down while a new Active member is elected"; added MS130.


Small-Form Factor Pluggable(SFP) and Stacking Accessories

Change: Added accessories for new C9300/L/X models.


Catalyst 9300-M Datasheet

Change: Updated accessories table; added fiber models.


Getting started: Cisco Catalyst 9300 Management with Meraki Dashboard

Change: Added note that the C9300-NM-2Y module requires CS16GA2firwmare (Feb '24) for management. When the software is available, customers might still need to unseat the module to bypass the compatibility checks during migration. After full migration and dashboard connectivity, re-insert/install the module (hot-swappable).


Port Schedules

Change: Added note that each network can have at most five port schedules.


MS Mid-Mount Mounting Brackets

Change: Updated "Compatible Switch Models" to include MS130 (except the 8-port and 12-port models).



Wi-Fi Personal Network (WPN)

Change: Added section "Supported Authentication Types"; added step-by-step user onboarding example.


Setting a WPA Encryption Mode

Change: Added warning that WEP is deprecated in MR 30.X and newer firmware. Limited configuration options still exist when using the old Access control page (Wireless > Configure > Access control > View old version > WPA encryption mode) until this page is deprecated.


Channel Bonding

Change: Added note that Channel bonding is not possible for 2.4GHz. Using anything other than 20MHz channels in 2.4GHz is not practical in real deployments as no clients negotiate 40MHz bonding in the 2.4GHz band.


MR28 Datasheet

MR36 Datasheet

MR36H Datasheet

MR44 Datasheet

MR46 Datasheet

MR46E Datasheet

MR56 Datasheet

MR57 Datasheet

MR76 Datasheet

MR78 Datasheet

MR86 Datasheet

CW9162 Datasheet

CW9164 Datasheet

CW9166 Datasheet

CW9163E Datasheet

Change: Added note that 40MHz channels are supported only in the 5GHz band.



MV63 Series Datasheet

MV93 Series Datasheet

Change: Added "DORI Specifications (Maximum Resolution)".


MV Object Detection

Change: Added MV63 to list of compatible devices for vehicle detection.


Meraki Vision Portal Changelog

Change: Added release notes for up to v1.17.0.



MT MQTT Setup Guide

Change: Added MT15 to "Per Sensor Metrics".


MT10 Installation Guide - Temperature and Humidity

MT11 Probe Sensor Installation Guide

MT12 Installation Guide - Water Detection

MT14 Installation Guide - Indoor Air Quality

MT15 Installation Guide - Indoor Air Quality w/CO2

MT20 Installation Guide - Open/Close Detection

MT30 Installation Guide - Smart Automation Button

MT40 Installation Guide - Smart Power Controller

Change: Added MV13 and MV33 as compatible gateways.

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