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Documentation Digest: Feb 22nd - Mar 15th

Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: Feb 22nd - Mar 15th



Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between February 22nd and March 15th:


MS Layer 3 Switching and Routing  

Change: Added notes around pinging SVIs


Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Change: Updated “Importing Devices” section.


Summary Report Overview

Change: Updated “Uplink” section.


Connection Monitoring for WAN Failover

Change: Added note on failover traffic flow between primary and secondary uplinks.


Extending the LAN and Configuring Network Segmentation

Change: Overall refresh


Sensor Alert Profiles

Change: Updated screenshots


Frequently Asked Questions for Cisco Meraki Access Point Antennas

Change: New document


MG Templates Best Practices

 Change: New document


Last Seen Switch Port of Client Keeps Changing

Change: Added note stating ECO “disable_client_sample_on_uplink” does not apply for MS390


Cisco Meraki Dashboard API

Change: Updated with v1 information


Monitoring and Managing Multiple Organizations

Change: Added note explaining SAML option when managing multiple organizations


Cisco Meraki Dashboard API

Change: Added note explaining 2 key limit per user.


SSID Modes for Client IP Assignment

Change: Added caveat stating functionality tunneling to NAT mode MX.


MT Template Best Practices

Change: New document


Login Attempts

Change: Multi org user log in attempts will be shown in all organizations they have access to.


Switch Cloning

Change: Added note stating cloning not supported for stack members.


Chrome OS Management in Systems Manager

 Change: Added note explaining removal from Google EMM


Troubleshooting Client VPN

Change: Added notes on Group Policy function


QoS over a Site-to-site VPN

Change: Added DSCP information.


Systems Manager Logging and Troubleshooting

Change: Added info on how to collect console logs


Using FileVault 2

Change: Updated verbiage to more closely match Apple’s documentation


Datacenter Redundancy (DC-DC Failover) Deployment Guide

Change: Added note stating failover time can vary based on BGP hold timer.


MR Reference and SSH Command Guide

Change: New document


Meraki Health Alerts - Smart Thresholds

Change: New document


Best Practices for Meraki Firmware

Change: Added deeper clarity around automatic firmware process and “try beta” option.


Global Alerts Widget

Change: New document


Meraki Health

Change: Added new content for “Client onboard and performance metrics”


Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Overview

Change: General refresh


Creating and Applying Group Policies

Change: Added note in iPSK application


Troubleshooting Non-Meraki Site-to-site VPN

Change: General update


RADIUS Issue Resolution Guide

Change: Added detail around RADIUS test tool


Source Based Default Routing

Change: Clarified that multiple VLANs must be enabled


Meraki Auto VPN - Configuration and Troubleshooting

Change: Unification of multiple documents


Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

 Change: Added warning for DEP token renewal


MS390 Series Installation Guide

Change: Clarified that uplink modules are hot swappable. 


Meraki Per-Device Licensing Overview

Change: Added SDW+ lic.


Configuring SAML Single Sign-on for Dashboard

Change: Clarified that local admin cannot be present on any org, not just the SAML-enabled org.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
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