Documentation Digest: April 22nd - May 5th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: April 22nd - May 5th




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between April 22nd and May 5th:


HTTP CONNECT Proxy Support on MR Access Points

Change: New article.


RADSec Support on MRs

Configuring RADSec (MR)

Change: New article.


MR57 Dual Uplink High Availability

Change: New article.


Unable to Connect to Client VPN from All Devices

Unable to Connect to Client VPN from Some Devices

Unable to Connect to Client VPN from Mobile Device

MX is Not Receiving the Client VPN Connection Attempt

Unable to Access Resources When Connected to VPN

Troubleshooting Client VPN with Packet Captures

Verifying a Successful Client VPN Connection

Change: New articles.


MV Advanced Presence Sensing

Change: New article.


Cisco+ Secure Connect - Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Change: Added section "Resources" with additional references.


Cisco+ Secure Connect Data Center List

Change: Added section "Sizing Considerations".


Meraki Umbrella SDWAN Connector Deployment Guide

Change: Added section "SDWAN connectors Data Center List".


WPA3 Encryption and Configuration Guide

Change: Added section "New Behavior in MR 30.X Firmware".


IPv6 Support on MR Access Points

Change: Added section "MR 30.X Firmware Release - Supported IPv6 Features".


Wireless (MR) Firmware Features Directory

Change: Added section "MR 30.X Firmware Features",


PCI Compliance with Meraki

Change: Added section "PCI Compliance Documentation".


Trusted Access for Secure Wireless Connectivity - Onboarding Guide

Change: New article.


MX100 Scheduled Firmware Upgrade Cancellation - 4/27/2023

Change: New article.


Cisco Meraki Canada Region

Change: Added support for MS and MR Advanced Licenses.


Port Schedules

Change: Added note that Port Schedules are executed from dashboard and changes to schedules are queued and processed every 30 minutes.


MV Smart Camera FAQ

Change: Added instructions on how to reach the reset button for MV52.


MT Frequently Asked Questions

Change: Added sampling rate for MT30 and added note that sampling rate for MT14 is changed when running in High Sampling Mode.


Systems Manager Agent Release Notes

Change: Added release notes for v3.7.0.


Mac Enrollment

Change: Added notes for agent version 3.5: Command line installation of the macOS agent is no longer supported. Alternatives: manual UI or Push installation.


Device posture tracking using certificates with Cisco ISE and Meraki Systems Manager

Change: Added note to ensure that devices have Owners defined, if and Owner variable is used for correct policy assignment.


Trusted Access for Secure Wireless Connectivity - Setup Guide

Change: Added supported OS versions.


Syslog Server Overview and Configuration

Meraki Device Reporting - Syslog, SNMP, and API

MX and Z3 Source IP for RADIUS Authentication

Passthrough Mode on the MX Security Appliance and Z-series Teleworker Gateway

Change: Added note that the traffic source will be a 6.X.X.X address, if the destination server is across a VPN tunnel (especially true if the MX is in Passthrough/VPN Concentrator or in Routed/NAT mode with Single LAN configuration) for services such as Syslog, Netflow, RADIUS access requests and potentially others.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

>Cisco+ Secure Connect Data Center List

>Change: Added section "Sizing Considerations".


I can't see anything about Sizing Considerations on that page.

Nor can I. I'm not sure where that line item came from in the digest. I'll look into it and see what happened. Thanks for flagging this!

Looks like the section was inadvertently removed in an edit that happened late Friday afternoon. The section has been restored and is now available. Thanks again for flagging this!

Thank you for the update.

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