Documentation Digest: April 1st - April 14th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: April 1st - April 14th




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between April 1st and April 14th:


WEP Deprecation on MRs

Change: New article.


MT Dashboard - Overview

Change: New article.


Meraki System Maintenance Overview and FAQ

 Change: Added impact of WPA2-Enterprise with Radius Proxy authentication.


Global Overview

Using the MSP Portal to Manage Multiple Organizations

Change: Added note for creating new Organisations as SAML user.

Configuring Bonjour forwarding for the MX Security Appliance in Passthrough mode

Change: Added warning that Bonjour forwarding can cause a forwarding loop, if configured for the same VLAN on MR as well.


Adaptive Policy for MX/Z Platforms

Change: Added note that IPv6 traffic is not supported


Troubleshooting Mesh Communication between Access Points

Change: Added note that Repeater will also reboot every four hours, if Repeaters have a mesh route outside the network.


Configuring WEP encrypted SSID

Using special characters in WEP keys

Change: Added note about deprecation of WEP.


Access Control

Change: Edited "Password" section to included supported formats (ASCII / Hex).


VLAN Profiles

Change: Added section "MR Named VLAN / VLAN Pooling".


Using the Meraki Vision Portal

Change: Added statement about being redirected to a different tab on the Vision Portal, if Event Search is enabled.


Meraki Vision Changelog

Change: Added release notes for up to v1.8.0.


MT14 High Sampling Mode

Change: Added section "Default Potential Vape Detection Alert Profile".

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