Documentation Digest: April 15th - May 18th

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Documentation Digest: April 15th - May 18th




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between April 15th and May 18th:


IPv6 Support on MR Access Points

Change: Structured MR IPv6 support by firmware.


Meraki MR License Guide

Change: New Article.


Troubleshooting Non-Meraki Site-to-site VPN

Change: Added recommendation to use MX 15.x+ with IKEv2 for Microsoft Azure Gateways.


NAT Exceptions/No NAT on MX Security Appliances

Change: Added note about No NAT in conjunction with Client VPN in MX 16.x and MX 17.x.


Creating a Layer 7 Firewall Rule

Change: Added caveat about L7 rules not using NBAR will not show up in event log.


vMX Setup Guide for Microsoft Azure

Change: Added note to have Azure Support enable Standard F4s_v2 VM instance type for certain regions.


MV Sense Custom Computer Vision

Change: New Article.


Sharing Video

Change: Clarified wording on permissions required for sharing the "External Live Stream Link".


Meraki Vision Changelog

Change: Added changelog for v.1.5.2.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal


  • Zone: Select the appropriate Availability Zone (AZ) for the region selected above 

I think this part about Zone should be replaced.  Refer to my previous post on this issue.  🙂 

Kind of a big deal

@CameronMoody :Awesome 

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