Documentation Digest: April 15th - April 21st

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: April 15th - April 21st




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between April 15th and April 21st:


Supported Catalyst 9000 Series Switches (Cloud Monitoring)

Change: Added several C9300LM models.


MG41/41E Technical Specifications

Change: Added "Telus (CA), Vodafone (NZ), DoCoMo (Japan)" to list of Certified Carriers.


MG51/51E Technical Specifications

Change: Added "Vodafone (NZ, UK, Germany, Ireland)" to list of Carrier Certification in Progress.


Automatic NAT Traversal for Auto VPN Tunneling between Cisco Meraki Peers

Upstream Firewall Rules for Cloud Connectivity

SSID Tunneling and Layer 3 Roaming - VPN Concentration Configuration Guide

Meraki Campus LAN; Planning, Design Guidelines and Best Practices

Troubleshooting failed connections to the Virtual VPN Concentrator

Change: Updated ports used for VPN Registry.


MS Firmware Upgrades

Change: Added note that Staged Upgrades are not supported for networks assigned to a configuration template.


Packet Captures and Port Mirroring on the MS Switch

Change: Added note that MS switch supports utilizing aggregate ports as a source port only (not as a destination port).


MS225 Overview and Specifications

Change: Added Stacking Bandwidth to "Throughput and Capabilities" table.


Conducting Site Surveys with MR Access Points

Change: Added section "Configuring 6 GHz Site Survey".


Client Roaming Analytics

Change: Added statement about firmware version requirement.


Troubleshooting MV Image Quality

Change: Added warning about recommended materials to clean the dome correctly.


Video Streaming

Change: Added note that Meraki Display does not support Low Latency HLS (LLHLS) streaming currently.


Deploying Store Apps for iOS/macOS and Android

Change: Added note about Region Restriction Applications for Android.


Device posture tracking using certificates with Cisco ISE and Meraki Systems Manager

Change: Section "Create the Cisco ISE enabled EAP-TLS Wi-Fi profile" rewritten.


Service Provider Dashboard Roles

Change: Added "Client VPN page" and "Manage staged firmware upgrades (Switching)" to table "Enterprise vs. Organization Admin" table.

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