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I am interested in tracking few bugs and when these are solved (catelina, agent, remote desktop, appleTV certs etc)...


I opened appleTV question in forum and got acceptance its a bug with number 04295858, I assuming its number in meraki internal bug system. How can we get notified when bugs are fixed?


thank you


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Support is your best option, the community is really an unofficial support channel. I haven't seen any "list of bugs" from support themselves and I doubt there is anything thats available publicly. 

Kind of a big deal

Hi @Jiri ,


That number looks like a "case" number, i.e. a problem ticket. That is not a bug ID. 


Meraki does have its own internal bug tracking system, but customers are not privy to those details. You can either request to support that they leave your case open and notify you when the issue is fixed, or you can monitor the release notes of firmware releases to see when that issue is fixed. 


My preference is to leave my case open with support have them notify me when the issue is resolved. 

thank you both, will keep opening support tickets and bother humans...

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