Adding another vendor's NVR to Meraki network

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Adding another vendor's NVR to Meraki network

We have a customer with approximately 16 cameras. The city they are in requires Video Verification before they will dispatch the police to an alarm. The solution we have settled on is to add a 3rd party NVR to their network and allow our monitoring center access to it since it does not appear that the platform allows our IMMIX software to access it. 


It also appears that the Meraki cameras are Onvif. Has anyone successfully done this integration? We would probably be using an Avigilon NVR.


Any ideas how to best approach this?

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Meraki cameras are not ONVIF compatible. Also, by default Meraki cameras retain video onboard the camera and don't use a NVR. Lots of info here

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Many jurisdictions in this area require that someone have video verification - or actual eyes on the premises- before police are dispatched. Do you know of any way we can accomplish that without the customer having to log on in the middle of the night to view the cameras. 

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Meraki cameras only work with the Meraki dashboard, they do not support ONVIF, they do support RTSP if you enable it but I have not have much luck getting their RTSP stream to work with any NVR.


You can allow camera only access to a Meraki network that you could give to a monitoring company, if they don't want to log into a web interface I think you need to find another brand of camera. 

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