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I have 10 MS switches. 2x425 and 8xMS250s


If i connect any ONE MS switch to Internet and connect all the other remaining MS switches to the one MS switch connected to the Internet then I should be able to configure all of them ? or do i need to connect all of them separately ?


Meaning do i need one UPLINK or 10 UPLINKS to configure 10 MS switches.


Thank you! 


You can connect all MS switches to 1 MS switch that has an Internet connection.

Remembering that anyway each switch needs to have an IP configured to access the internet.

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Kind of a big deal



You just need to make sure they have internet access. Think of them as a host on your LAN.


If you just want to get started without reading more in-depth information, follow these basic steps:

  1. Unpack and mount your switch (desktop or rack mount) and power it on.
  2. Plug any one of the Ethernet or fiber ports into an upstream device on your LAN. The uplink port should have access to a DHCP server and it will also need to be able to communicate with the internet.  
  3. After powering on, your switch will download the latest software. While upgrading, the switch's power LED will flash green/white. Once the switch has checked into the dashboard, the LED will turn green/white. Note: A solid orange light indicates that the device has not checked in with the dashboard yet.
  4. Log in to (For any devices that are used in mainland China, please visit and create a new network. If you do not yet have a dashboard account, choose "Create an Account") Type in the serial number of your switch (found on the back of the unit) or simply enter your order number. This will create a new switch network.
  5. Make your desired configuration changes under the Switch > Configure section of the dashboard.

For additional switch installation information, please refer to the MS Installation Guides article.

Thanks much for the quick reply.

If i do not have a DHCP server and want to assign a block of IP subnet / vlan that is statically assigned to the switches how would that work ? via management port i believe ? if yes then in this case i will need all the switches to have an Uplink ? or would i be able to create a new VLAN in each switch [via manegement port access] and assign a different address to each SVI/interface vlan and trunk that to an existing switch that has Internet connection ?



You can configure IP on the local status page. If you connect your notebook to any interface you should receive an IP address so you can access the local status page.

Thank you again!


so in this case i will need separate uplinks from each switch to the Internet connected switch? 


or i can connect all of the MS switches to 1 MS switch and connect that 1 MS switch to the Internet switch ?


Thanks again for your quick responses - much appreciate it !

You can connect all MS switches to 1 MS switch that has an Internet connection.

Remembering that anyway each switch needs to have an IP configured to access the internet.

Thanks much again !

Kind of a big deal

@AhmedSaf  Meraki has some really good training material in the Learning hub, link is below.


If you are new to IT you might want to take some training courses.

Thanks !

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