General Setup

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General Setup

I got myself a Meraki Go GX20. It was ment to replace one of my routers as security gateway. Currently I gave up on the initial setup and feel more like trowing it in the dumpster and forget about it, then going back and try again.


Anyway, I might give it another try if someone could give me some advice.


I use the modem/router I got from my ISP as modem. All traffic is set to be passtrough. The modem itself holds my guest-network. It gives them access to the internet but it's divided from my LAN.


The Meraki should allow me to create two VLAN. One VLAN is ment to be a "DMZ". It holds a small web-server and nothing else. The second VLAN leads to the LAN. All connections to that point are set to be static. The LAN is managed by another router with build in VPN-Server. So Meraki should forward web-requests to the web-server and VPN-requests to the LAN-Router.


I managed to do most of the setup but when I connected the LAN-router to the Meraki, all went south. The whole LAN was blocked from the internet no matter what I changed on the setup. Meraki didn't like it.


the setup in general looks like this: Modem (static IP) <-> 1st Gateway; Vlan1 <-> web-server / Vlan2 <-> Lan-VPN-router <-> Lan



Kind of a big deal

There is an extra Community for Meraki Go:

This Community is about the Enterprise range of Meraki devices.

Getting noticed

Thank you for the link

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