manual registration of iPad via Apple Configurator

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manual registration of iPad via Apple Configurator

Hi all,

I have a problem with manual registration of iPads using Apple Configurator, which usually end in error messages like.

"MCCloudConfigErrorDomain - 0x80EF (33007)" or
"ConfigurationUtilityKit.error - 0x321 (801)".


Maybe I have an error in the workflow. I'll describe the steps I'm following:

1. create a user in Apple Business Manager and activate the credentials.

2. connecting the iPad to the Apple Configurator on the Mac.

3. create a draft (contains only WLAN profile for initial configuration and SM Manager as an app).

4. perform "Prepare" function.

5. In Apple Business Manager, assign the device to Meraki MDM.

6. Upload the created draft to the iPad in Apple Configurator.

7. Abort with the previously mentioned error messages.

Where is my error?


New here

I was still struggling with Apple Configurator yesterday and managed to get 2 iPads into the SM. Only I do not know what exactly happened.
The iPad Air 5th Gen. is in status "ADE enrolled: No" and "Supervised: Yes".
The iPad 9th gen is in status "ADE enrolled: Yes" and "Supervised: No".
About the status "ADE enrolled: No" I can overlook. But can I bring the iPad 9.Gen. into a supervised status from the SM? Or do I have to start all over again and delete the device, remove it from the organization and remove it in the ABM?

Sorry for these stupid questions, but these are our first steps with Meraki and SM. MS, MX, MR will come later when our new building is ready.

Meraki Employee

I've been through the pain of this many, many times, so created a video to show you how to do this:


Let me know how you get on...



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