iOS app pushed via Meraki fails to open, but download from App Store works

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iOS app pushed via Meraki fails to open, but download from App Store works



About 6 months ago our company started using an app called SDS / Chemical Management.  At the time we installed for a small group via Meraki, and that worked fine.  Now we are trying to deploy to a broader group and found that the app is non-functional after install from Meraki.  Deleting the app from the device and installing from the App Store works fine. 


We tried deleting the app in Meraki and adding it back to the App list, but the same issue arose.  Version numbers between Meraki and the App Store match. 


Has anyone seen an issue like this?  Any suggestions on a fix? 



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Hello Kevin,


The following might be relevant:


However, I recommend opening a case with Meraki Support regarding this as they can review some logs taken off one of the affected device and take it from there.

Owch thats a big bug to have if thats the case @Malazzam .Thanks for sharing I wasn't aware of that, I'll be ableto keep this in mind now. 

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Thanks for the lead.  The symptoms described in that article match what we are experiencing.  We have worked around the issue by publishing a web link via Meraki to an online version with the same functionality, but are anxious to see if Apple and Microsoft can come together to resolve this.  

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