eSIM and No Phone number

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eSIM and No Phone number

As we see Apple moving more toward the eSim, this is going to become a greater problem.    The data element we use to look up a device with the carrier is the Phone number, subscriber number or CTN.   However, on data only plans (such as for iPads), the phone number is not captured by the MDM if the eSIM is used.


Anyone find a way around this?

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eSIM is going to be a super important thing moving forward, as all the new iPhones 14 models are eSIM activations only, so I really want to make sure we're capturing and showing all of the eSIM information correctly. 


Where are you seeing the eSIM phone number as nil? I just checked an iPad I have which is eSIM activated, and I see the eSIM information (including phone number) once I click on the device and view its device details in Dashboard. I obfuscated the values, but Phone number, IMEI, and EID all exist for me: 


Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 10.55.35 AM.png


If you are not seeing this, but have an active eSIM, please open a support case so we can review the device's activation / device refresh information to make sure it is captured/showed properly. Thank you! 

I'd seen it on iPad devices before where even the device didn't know its CTN and read on some forums that it was an effect of data only plans and eSims because a data only device the user doesn't need to know the phone number.    As a result, I've been popping physical sims into most of our iPads.


I did do a new iPad Pro earlier this week, used the eSIM and both the device and System Manager picked up the number, so I'm wondering if it was a recent fix in iOS?    I do see one 9th Generation iPad on my list using eSIM and not showing CTN in System Manager.  I'm going to try  pushing an iOS update and see if it resolves.  If not, I will open a case.    Thank your for input!

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