Why do we need a DUNS number?

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Why do we need a DUNS number?

I'm looking into setting up MDM on our companies iOS devices. I looked into it last year and hit a wall when we didn't have a DUNS number. Now we have one and my boss wants me to ramp up this project again. But I can't rember why we needed the DUNS number to begin with. 


Only thing I've been able to find is this meraki document https://documentation.meraki.com/SM/Apps_and_Software/Installing_Custom_Apps_on_iOS_and_Android_Devi...

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The only time you will need the DUNS number is when you setup Apple Business Manager(DEP). Won’t need it for Meraki but you will want to setup the Apple stuff first.

Is this the only way to ensure that meraki MDM can't be uninstalled from an iOS device? 

Also does the DEP only apply to iOS devices purchasedd through the VPP of that account or can I apply it to any iOS device owned by us?

So, any iOS device can be added to Apple Business Manager that is running iOS 11 or higher using Apple Configurator 2 on any Mac. Here is a link for that https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204142.


By using Apple business manager and meraki, you can put your devices in “supervision” which gives you more control over the devices. Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is where you will go to purchase licenses for paid or free apps for distribution through meraki.

wow so this just oppened up a can of worms. Will the iOS users with the meraki MDM not be able to use their own apple ID to install apps? do all apps on the iOS device need to be purchased through the business?

That’s completely up to you and your team. I have some clients that did not want their employees to add apps and locked the devices so they could not add an Apple ID. I have other clients that let their employees add there Apple ID. One of the nice things about supervision is that, if you have an employee leave and lock their device, you can wipe and clear it remotely with Meraki.
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