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Currently we use MaaS and I am in the process of migrating everything to Systems Manager. I don't mind using Safari, but is there a way to set bookmarks and a default home page without using the whitelist bookmarks option? Our sales field goes to more sites than that, but do have bookmarks in their MaaS browser. Is there a way to do this in systems manager and have it go to Safari, Chrome, etc? I have looked through the policies and don't see the option anywhere. 

Kind of a big deal

The mobile Chrome web browser is extremely configurable.  If you change over to that I think you'll be able to do everything you want.


For example, to define a bookmark bar called "Managed Bookmarks", with a shortcut to Google and YouTube in it use a value of:

[{"name": "Google", "url": "www.google.com" },{ "name": "You Tube", "url": "www.youtube.com"}]


Screenshot from 2018-01-04 11-07-24.png

We are on iOS will that work on iOS, as I see you are on Android?

NVM i see what you are doing 

Kind of a big deal

It will work on iOS.  With Android it nicely gives you all the things you can set.  With iOS you have to know the names of all the settings.

Good day Philip. I am trying to limit access to the Chrome browser for IOS in single app mode for kiosk at some homeless shelters. I have the websites working with the Whitelist but people may be able to delete the bookmarks. I would like to use the Manage App config to be able to push the bookmarks from the Meraki MDM if the bookmarks get remove or changes need to be made in remote locations. 

My attempts to get this running have failed I every just copied your example. Though I can see the profile load in the admin portal, I do not see the bookmarks on the device. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.29.53 PM.png


@ChristopherRPG  there are bookmarks and managed bookmarks.  Users wont be able to delete managed bookmarks.


You should see the "Managed Bookmarks" in the bookmark view somewhere.

It is extremely configurable, but doesn't seem to be able to do the single thing I need it to.

Kiosk mode: Open directly to the homepage, which is a static page that I define, and block access to all other sites.


What is preventing me from doing this:

The flag "HomepageIsNewTabPage" does not work on Android as per the Chrome Enterprise Policy list:



While the flag that we have available, "Homepagelocation", is supported but doesn't affect the new tab page.


How can I accomplish what I want to do (which seems like something a lot of other people want to do) without installing more third party software? Seriously please don't reply with a solution if it's not Meraki SM + Chrome only.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!




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