Macbook shows up as iphone in meraki dashboard


Macbook shows up as iphone in meraki dashboard

I have an issue with a Macbook that shows up as an Iphone in the Meraki dashboard. This causes an issue when it tries to access the company network. Because on that SSID we have enforced group policies by device types that blocks every device typ without Windows computers and Macs.


Is there a way around this or do I need to allow Iphones as well?

Kind of a big deal

@Anubizz  if you select network-wide > Clients and find the device, you can click on the below flag and mark the device type as inaccurate.


Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.13.34 PM.png

@BlakeRichardson  I tried to do that but all I get is.


Failed to Save Changes

  • Unable to save device type


Tried with Mac and Other.

@Anubizz  you will need to open a case with support.

@BlakeRichardsonI tried that. This is the answer I got.


Have a look into this it looks like the way Meraki detects the OS and the device type is dependent on the information it receives from the client device. It will be looking for specific information from the client's device and will do the best judgment as to what the device type is based on the information received.
If the device type detected is incorrect, you can flag it on the dashboard but unfortunately, there is no way to change the detected device type. And if a policy is being assigned by device type, if an incorrect policy gets assigned by device type, you will have to manually change the policy on that corresponding device to the correct policy.

Please also do have a read of the attached document which states the following. '
"Some clients may misidentify themselves when specifying the User-Agent string field of an HTTP GET request. Device-type policy enforcement is done on a best-effort basis, dependent upon the information that the client provides. When needing to enforce security-focused policies based on device type, please leverage solutions such as Meraki Systems Manager, or Cisco ISE."


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