We can't Add any devices to the Meraki MDM


We can't Add any devices to the Meraki MDM

Hii Community, 

                          We are trying Cisco Meraki Platform for better management, but we are having some difficulties in adding devices to Systems Manager.


                          We gone through all the steps but, the email id and password doesn't work and says ' invalid login ' everytime!


                          We used the same registered email on cisco meraki.



                          How we fix this? 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I suggest you to open a support case.

                We tried to reach support via online, but we cant find any resources fixing the case.


But how do we open a support case? We can't fine any option for it.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What have you got Systems Manager authenticating against?  Azure AD?  Something else?


This is the enrollment part of the setup guide:

Further to this ^^ - if you are indeed using "Managed: Use Meraki hosted accounts", this is the "Owners" list (System Manager > Owners), not the normal Meraki Administrators (Organisation > Administrators).


Therefore ensure you have created the required Owners on that page and use those credentials to authenticate on the device.


Furthermore, ensure you have sufficient SM licenses, and if you're using PDL, you have assigned the SM licenses to the correct network. 

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