Using SM with MS Apps that have conditional access turned on

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Using SM with MS Apps that have conditional access turned on

Good day. I have around 100 mixed cellular devices within SM. All users have O365 licenses with conditional access turned on.(I specified the IP that the sign in has to come from. If the request to access Microsoft resources isn't coming from my network then it is denied.) I configured Meraki VPN on the devices and verified its connectivity. The Microsoft Apps that are within the "work profile" created by SM will not connect, even thought I am VPN'd in. They do however, connect if the device connected to my network via wi-fi. If the Microsoft Apps are not within the "work profile", once the device is connected to the VPN, they work just fine.


How can I create a VPN that works with conditional IP access for MS Apps within the "work profile" created by SM?


I feel I am missing something.

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So, I believe that you're looking for the apps, within the work profile, to be usable when connected via VPN, but you want the VPN to either fire when needed, or to be always on.


SM does have support for Android's always on VPN feature: There's more details about it here: 


You can ignore the bit about Umbrella 🙂


This should hopefully solve your problem

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