Updating MacOS custom apps

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Updating MacOS custom apps

I really hope I explain what I'm trying to do correctly.


So I have created custom apps to push to devices across my org. However, I'm running into an issue where pushing updates to the already installed app is either: crashing the app causing a need to reinstall or not updating at all. 

For instance: Zoom is installed on each Mac in our environment. There is currently an update for the app and when trying to push it out, it does what is described above. 

I'm going to System Manager - Apps - selecting the app and uploading the new app and click "Install or update".

I'm sure I'm missing something, I just don't know what. 

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Re: Updating MacOS custom apps



I am experiencing the same issue updating Chrome.  Since my users have it open, when SM tries to push it out, Chrome crashes and doesn't update.  I know in other MDMs, they have an option for blocking applications which prevents the software from trying to update.


Curious if others have the same issue.

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