Tagging based on network

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Tagging based on network

Hi All,


Does anyone know if there's a way of automatically applying a tag to a device, if the device is connected to our main office network.


I want to deploy an app but only if the device is on our network. I'm aware of geofencing however the building were in also offers Guest wifi and for unknown reasons, some people decide to connect to this rather than our office WiFi.


Our network consists of 


1x Meraki MX68

2x Meraki MR36


Thanks in advanced

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I don't know of a way to do precisely what you're asking, by way of tagging in SM.

About the most effective method I've found for encouraging staff to use the right SSID is simply to make the recommended SSID better suited to their needs, e.g:


Set the Guest SSID to require them to login and re-login every few hours

Apply more rigorous traffic shaping / firewall rules to guest clients

Make the recommended SSID as seamless a signon experience as possible (use Trusted Access, for example?) - and loosen traffic shaping constraints.

Comes here often

Cheers for your reply,


The Guest WiFi belongs to the management company of the main building so I have no control over this. With regards to encouraging Our wifi, I think I'll write a script and deploy to all machines removing it from their preferred networks and then that should fail over to our main network. However this is only a minor inconvenience at the moment. My main issue is I want to deploy something shared on the network, so if they're compliant with geofencing but on the guest wifi, then it will just fail. I guess a work around is to simply put a check in place to detect what public IP address they're using and just end if not using ours.

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