System Manager Agent (3.1.1) does *not* self install on M1 Macs enrolled via DEP

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System Manager Agent (3.1.1) does *not* self install on M1 Macs enrolled via DEP

As topic says - have been running SM to manage a small fleet of Macs, all DEP enrolled at purchase, for 3 years. Ever since M1 based macs were purchased, only the profile enrollment occurs, and the SM agent remains uninstalled.


Support advised trying to roll out a previous version of the agent, but most of the earlier versions are not available on the relevant network.


Its frustrating as we can't roll out apps without the agent installed. Manual user installation works, but thats not an option for us and I now have 20 macs over 3 continents with no SM agent installed.


Anyone have a workaround?

Here to help

I don't have a workaround, but I can confirm that we're seeing the same problem. Rolling back to an earlier version isn't helpful, since 3.1.0 requires you to manually install Rosetta 2.0 before you can install the agent, interactive or via policy.

Thanks for validating. Have attempted a variety of workarounds with no success - really need a an option, but I can't see anything beyond waiting for anew version of the SM agent.

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