Sync Outlook Contacts - Possible fix?

Getting noticed

Sync Outlook Contacts - Possible fix?

So we noticed an issue today where Outlook contacts won't sync.


We get


"contact permissions are not fully granted"


There are no specific settings for Outlook when deployed by Meraki. In


"Systems Manager/Settings/Managed Settings/Android Restricitions"


We had Auto Grant All Permissions.


I've now switched this back to 


Prompt User for Permissions.


Removed the work profile, re-enrolled and installed Outlook again. Now I get a prompt to allow contacts to sync.


Does this mean "Auto Grant All Permissions" is bugged?


Re: Sync Outlook Contacts - Possible fix?

Yes, I'm having the same issues with the READ_CONTACTS / WRITE_CONTACTS permission.

The "Fetch permissions" could solve this, but as of this moment it isn't working due to another bug.

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Re: Sync Outlook Contacts - Possible fix?

I think you must be facing an outlook error 0x800ccc0e

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