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We are trying to configure the equivalent of iOS 'single app mode', but for Android. I've tried Android Kiosk Mode, but want the app to launch directly, not through SM, in a list of one app! Any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Same question here, we have some devices we want to use in a factory like environment, and we would like to have these devices only use one app (special scanning app) and not have other apps available for the user.

Is there any way to  accomplish that?



Thijs van Yperen

Well, after reading the Add device  page closely and understanding what is written there I came to the conclusion (inclusive a lot of failed tests with different configs) that Device Owner mode  - Android Enterprise must be used to successfully enable Kiosk mode.

Also you must start with a "blank" device, either new or factory reset.  Then when prompted for a username type: "awf#meraki".  Only after this the KIOSK mode can be used, but don't forget to add an account so that you can download the needed APP(s)  from the playstore. (the awf#meraki isn't enough to download anything from the playstore only the Meraki SM app).


Hope this helps a little bit for all the ones that are struggling with Kiosk mode and android. 

Thijs van Yperen
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