Show missing profile(s)

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Show missing profile(s)

I already filed a wish, but maybe some one else will hang in :).


It would be great to see which profiles are missing. If I missed something and this is already possible let me know.


A "filter" like on the Apps section with "Installed" and "Missing" would be nice. Could help in some places on troubleshooting and double checking if the owner and device tags are set correctly for profile installations.

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I thought exactly the same but I was pretty sure it was something I didn’t actually know how to do, seems like I’m not the only one with missing profiles that don’t tell theirs names! 

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi Beks88, 


This thread and your wish have been noted. This issue -- monitoring deployed profiles and ensuring compliance -- is an area we need to improve.


Noah Salzman

Product Manager for Meraki SM

Any advances on this? It is now more than a year down the track, and I am still getting the "profile(s) missing", even though it says that the profile I've assigned to our iPads is up-to-date further down the page. So, I have no idea what profile it thinks is missing!

We're fairly new to the platform, but yes this is incredibly annoying.    Everyone I have moved to Meraki MDM has a "profile missing" but all the profiles I have assigned are in place.

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