Re enroll device that is not communicating with Meraki

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Re enroll device that is not communicating with Meraki

Hi all,


I have an ipad that is reporting  a push certificate error that says it needs to be un-enrolled and re-enrolled.

The iPad hasn't communicated with Meraki for about 3 months and no GPS. When I go on to Systems Manager on the device, it comes up with the enroll this device. If i try to re-enroll the device, I enter the network code and go through the steps, however I get the error 'New MDM Payload does not match with the old one' because MDM already appears in Device Management, and is configured to be non-removable. Resetting the ipad to factory defaults is also disabled by MDM.


If the ipad isn't connecting to Meraki, I am presuming an erase/selective wipe command won't have any affect?

I wondered if someone might have any idea how I can resolve this please - any help would be much appreciated.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think you are going to need to open a case with support on that one.

Kind of a big deal

This happens when the APN certificate expires or something was corrupted. Is the device enrolled in DEP? If not, it it simple to just remove the profile and Meraki MDM app and re-enroll via Support will probably inform you to re-enroll the device.


If it is enrolled in DEP it is tricky:

-Take a backup of device A (the iPad that hasn't communicated)

-Restore the backup of device A on another device "device B" enrolled in DEP 

-After restoring, make a buckup of device B

-Restore backup of Device B on Device A


Simply taking a backup and restoring that backup on the same iPad is not possible (DEP enrollment will not come down!). While wacky, this is the only patch that works.

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