Question about Recent Classes on Shared iPads

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Question about Recent Classes on Shared iPads

How do you get more than one class to show up on the login screen of a shared iPad?  I see the recent users, a few of them, and I see the most recent class, but only one class, and my teacher wishes she could see more.


I have two teachers sharing a cart of iPads, they move it back and forth from one classroom back to the other.  The students from "Class A" log into the iPads, then after logout "Class A" appears at the login screen at the bottom.  The teacher from "Class B" then borrows the cart, but the students have to fill in the whole Apple ID(very long sometimes) because they only see "Class A" in the recent classes.  Then later the teacher from "Class A" will borrow the cart, and his students now see "Class B" in the list, so they have to enter the whole Apple IDs manually again(these are elementary kids). 


Ouch, I'm sure there's a way to see multiple classes in the login screen, I think I've seen it in screenshots but I don't know how to implement it.  Can someone help?  All the work was done using the Apple templates using the sFTP system they have.  Everything else works, it's just this little feature that would tremendously help the teachers and kids.





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Wondering if you got this problem sorted out? I'm in the same situation and I can't find a solution to show more than one class on the login screen.



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