New to Systems Manager? Start Here!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

New to Systems Manager? Start Here!

Hello there! Are you brand new to the world of Meraki Systems Manager? If so, we've got some great introductory resources to help you use it effectively!


Getting Started


SM Quick Start -- An introduction on hitting the ground running with SM


Glossary of Terms -- There are many terms and acronyms when it comes to SM. This page gives a great breakdown of what they mean


Unified Endpoint Management (SM) Intro course -- An on-demand, self-paced course where you’ll learn how Cisco Meraki Systems Manager can help you manage, secure, and monitor the devices that connect to your networks.


Systems Manager Basic Features




How to Use Tags -- SM works best with the proper and judicious application of tags


Enrollment and Profiles


Introduction to Enrollment -- How to add devices into a Systems Manager network


Profiles -- How to assign policies and restrictions to enrolled devices


Deployment Guides


Education Deployment Guide -- How to effectively deploy SM in an educational environment


Enterprise Deployment Guide -- This is useful for deploying SM at the enterprise level


Cross-Platform Integration


Systems Manager Sentry -- How you can use SM to integrate with the MX security appliance and MR access points


Meraki Trusted Access -- Agent-less onboarding between MR access points and iOS, macOS and Android devices



Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all SM documentation or features. More advanced documentation beyond the basic features can be found at!


If you're interested in learning about Meraki's training offerings, be sure to check out The Meraki Learning Hub! There you'll find tons of great information about Meraki led training like CMNA and ECMS.


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