New to Meraki need help

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New to Meraki need help

I am coming in new to an IT support position at a business that uses and Meraki.  They buy their iOS devices from Verizon.  I have Ipads that were not purchased through Verizon that are not in DEP.  My understanding is Verizon puts them in DEP and it syncs with our MDM.  I'm getting the run around at Verizon and it seems no one knows what I'm talking about... least of all me!  Anyone have any advice?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the iPads were not purchased through Verizon you can use either Apple Configurator on a mac (and only on a Mac) to DEP enroll them, or find out whoever sold the iPads to the company originally and ask them to DEP enroll them for you. 

@JackieF  as mentioned you can enrol manually using configurator or find out where they were purchased form and have them enrol them .


Be aware that a device thats manually enrolled has to remain enrolled for 30 days before DEP permanently stores its info. If you erase the device before the 30 days is up then it will disappear from DEP.
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